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HugDug gives half its profit to charity. We earn revenue from our affiliate relationship with Amazon—the products we review cost exactly the same amount as they do ordinarily—and Amazon pays us a commission.

Every month, we calculate our earnings after direct expenses (servers, engineers, etc.) and allocate half of the profit to the charities you choose, based on how many sales each of our reviews get.

It's that simple.

Would you read this?

Here’s the simple reason that focus groups and beta tests rarely work. Here’s the reason most people are bad at being venture capitalists, and why entrepreneurs and artists should almost never ask for advice:

There’s a huge difference between asking:

“Would you use this?”


“Why do you use that?”

Twitter was available to everyone (for free) for years before they used it. In the wild, people saw it and said, “nope, I won’t use this.”

Then something changed. What changed was a swirl of factors, all culminating in social pressure that led to people using it. Now, having shifted gears, people will give you thirty reasons why they use it. But you’re asking a different part of the brain that question, the justification part, not the exploration part.

Steve Krug’s simple, clear book helps you cut through this paradox by making it possible to never ask people a hypothetical question ever again.

We do great work when we announce, not when we ask.

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