Where does the money go?

HugDug gives half its profit to charity. We earn revenue from our affiliate relationship with Amazon—the products we review cost exactly the same amount as they do ordinarily—and Amazon pays us a commission.

Every month, we calculate our earnings after direct expenses (servers, engineers, etc.) and allocate half of the profit to the charities you choose, based on how many sales each of our reviews get.

It's that simple.

What does success look like now?

Most people use the word more in association with success.

More money, more power, more friends, more fame.

It’s easy to see how we end up with more, because in a scarcity-based industrial economy, that’s how capitalists and those trained to work in the system win.

Arianna Huffington, a tireless, generous, wise soul is asking us to take a few hours to think deeply about whether more of the usual stuff is all there is.

What about: More meaning. More sleep. More connection… What about making a difference to yourself and the people around you?

This is not a thin pamphlet of self-help. Instead, Arianna has somehow found the time to put together a compelling, well-researched and most of all, persuasive manifesto about a fork in the road, one that’s available to many people who have met the basic needs so many of us take for granted.

Sometimes a book appears just when you need it. This might be that book.

What do you think about Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and...?

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