Where does the money go?

HugDug gives half its profit to charity. We earn revenue from our affiliate relationship with Amazon—the products we review cost exactly the same amount as they do ordinarily—and Amazon pays us a commission.

Every month, we calculate our earnings after direct expenses (servers, engineers, etc.) and allocate half of the profit to the charities you choose, based on how many sales each of our reviews get.

It's that simple.

What do cartoonists know?

What do cartoonists know?

They know how to start with nothing but a pen and a little piece of paper

They know how to touch us, deeply

They know how to create something memorable

They know how to show up, every single day

And, in Hugh’s┬ácase, they know the thing that’s been holding us back, that we fear, that cripples us.

Thank you, Hugh, for making a dent in the universe.

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