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This is what dogs dream about

I think that almost all dog toys and products are for dog owners, not dogs. Let’s be frank, okay: Your dog has no idea how much you paid for that cute little outfit you got him for his birthday, and your dog alternates between eating the organic dog food you buy him and god-knows-what off the street when you’re not looking.

But this? This is what dogs want.

Not only that, but it lasts for months or even years.


If you have a dog that likes to chew, likes to chew the way that a hall of famer likes to chew tobacco, the way a radio talk show host likes to chew your ear off, likes to chew the way Chewbacca (okay, I’ll stop now, sorry)…

My dog ate our rug, our floor (yes, he figured out how to eat the floor) and just about any dog-proof item we were able to bring into the house.

Then we got him one of these.

And he devoted all of his energy, hours a day, to trying to crack the case of the elk bone. He has failed, but is none the worse for wear for the effort.

It appears to me as though these bones are harvested after they fall off the elk, which is a capitalist project on the order of the tooth fairy, one that will certainly satisfy your ecological itch.

So, they last a long time, the dog will stop eating your floor, they don’t cost too much and they make a great gift.

Have fun.

What do you think about Chasing Our Tails Elk Rack Snack?

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