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The secret of packing

Do I have standing as an expert on packing clothes?

Well, if the question is, “are you the world’s best-dressed marketing guy,” the answer is certainly no. Not even close.

But if the question is, “how is it that you go all these places without wrinkled shirts?” then I’m happy to chime in.

These are the secret.

You buy a ten-pack of these super-big ziploc bags, bigger than they sell in most grocery stores. And then, fold your shirts and your ties (and your suitpants, and even your suit) and, one per bag, put them into Ziplocs.

Extract as much air as you can and seal.

Once you layer them in your suitcase, you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit. But somehow, through some quantum mechanical gift of nature, when you arrive at your destination, even if you leave the shirts at the bottom of the suitcase for the whole trip, your clothes will come out without wrinkles.

I know, I didn’t believe it either.

Then I tried it.

Next thing you know, they’re going to invent a way to travel to Istanbul without jet lag. Until that day comes, though, I’m afraid we’re going to be left with merely living with wrinkle-free shirts and such.

Want another packing tip? Don’t bring as many shoes.

Full credit: Tom Peters taught me this trick twenty years ago. Along the way, I’ve often had to stop using it, because I didn’t have a reliable source for the bags, but now I do. Thanks, Amazon. We appreciate it.

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