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Mothers and daughters

I met Sarah Kay the day she delivered this poem to more than a million people (see video, below).

Not only is Sarah a caring, generous, loving daughter, she’s also a genius. She’s invented a new medium, a new way of sharing an idea. Others have done spoken word poetry before, but not like this.

I cry every time I hear her read this poem. I miss my mom every day, and this poem reminds me of her, of my sisters, of mothers and daughters all over the world.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a stupid holiday, invented by the Hallmarks of the world to sell cards and chocolate. Mother’s Day ought to be every day, of course, and a card isn’t enough.

But this book… this poem… if you have a daughter or a sister or a mother, I hope you’ll share this little book with a mom in your life. I loved it so much, I published it myself.

It’s beautiful, it’s meaningful and it matters.

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