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Get your crazy on

Linda Rottenberg is in fact, crazy.

The best kind of crazy. The crazy of generous, of energetic, of visionary. The crazy of building a company that changes the world while being on bed rest pregnant with her twin daughters. The crazy of seeing what other people don’t see, the crazy of doing it anyway.

I just finished the galleys of her new book, a book she couldn’t possibly have found time to write, but did.

This isn’t a celebrity memoir that someone phoned in or had ghostwritten. No, this is a real, genuine, helpful business book, filled with countless examples, real people and stories from around the world that prove her point.

I fear that not enough people will read this book because not enough people care. Fortunately, Linda does.

What do you think about Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When...?

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