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A little-known classic is 20

Twenty years ago, Tom Peters published his most essential book.

Most essential?

Clearly In Search of Excellence sold more copies, changed more minds and created more conversations. That book was the most important business of its generation, and it was bought by the boatload. And, if the truth is told, dramatically underread and underimplemented.

The reason is that Search was too calm, too researched, too truth and not nearly hyperbolic enough. It was a business book by two consultants with a practice to defend.

A few books later, Tom had had quite enough. He wrote his book, his way.

This is that book.

At one level, it marked the end of business books, because it breathed air into an airless medium, and it invited the reader to dip and read and act and walk away, to return later. It was a series of blog posts, long before there were blogs.

This book worked the way my mind works. It resonated and amplified and in some ways, completely blew up any patience I had left.

I vividly remember the day I read this book, running home from the bookstore the day it came out, swallowing it whole and then rereading it three times. It pushed me to dramatically rethink what business as usual meant.

If you enjoyed the unbridled energy and deep optimism of the original Fast Company magazine, I promise this book will move you. If you work with people who need some intravenous caring injected straight into their veins, perhaps you should buy a few copies.

Happy twentieth anniversary Tom. This one’s a keeper. Thanks.

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