Where does the money go?

HugDug gives half its profit to charity. We earn revenue from our affiliate relationship with Amazon—the products we review cost exactly the same amount as they do ordinarily—and Amazon pays us a commission.

Every month, we calculate our earnings after direct expenses (servers, engineers, etc.) and allocate half of the profit to the charities you choose, based on how many sales each of our reviews get.

It's that simple.

Seth’s Popular Reviews

The secret of packing
Ziploc Freezer Bags 2 Gallon 10 Count

The secret of packing

Do I have standing as an expert on packing clothes? Well, if the question is, 'are you the world's best-dressed marketing guy,' the answer is certainly...

The executive's shaving secret
NOW Solutions Castor Oil, 100 % Pure

The executive's shaving secret

I'm not sure why it's necessary to be an executive to have a shaving secret, or why there even are shaving secrets, but I'm going to share one with you...